Greetings BTV lurkers... as some of you know I have been battling stage 3 gastric cancer since February this year. I run BTV and BTVU channels. This is my Chemo Round 6 ... this will be the last round until I have my major surgery in late July! They will be removing my entire stomach and gallbladder. I will be out of work until February 2018. My insurance will not pay for any more dr visits until January 2018. I went over my allowed quota WTF! So I am in desperate need badly. I need to keep my roof over my head for my son and I . I do get some help and food but I need 600$ a month to survive each month until February. I so wish to work. I would if I could. I miss it. I am a workaholic. What I am asking is if you guys can share my story and also help me out each month please. I swore I would NEVER beg for anything EVER but I'm sick and I'm slowly getting better. I have to have my surgery for sure. I'm so scared. This is a huge fight and I'm trying to be strong. I don't want my kid to feel my pain so I do not tell him or try to let him see me suffer too much. He is young and should not be worried. I'm not worried about the channels at moment as they are being ran the best way I can. I just need help with med bills and regular bills. If you can please go here and donate to my cancer fund when able please by going here: