::: Post Cancer Surgery:::
Hi everyone. As you guys know I had a major surgery to remove my entire stomach(total gastrectomy) and my gall bladder on July 24th. I have been home now recovering and have not posted due to this. I am doing well. It's been very hard and very emotional but I'm doing it! I've given it all I got and then some. I still have a bit of a road to go. I will return to chemo after my total recovery in a couple of months just to reassure things. I will have my scans and then we will see where I am after this! Thanks to EVERYONE that has been supporting me and staying by my side. I cannot wait to be 100% and continue what I love doing. Please consider helping by donating to my cancer fund while I am in this time of need for medical co-pays and regular bills and living costs while I am recovering from surgery and still out of work until January. Any little bit helps please.